Denny’s Last(?) Sermon: Some Brief Thoughts

Josh Champagne linked to this mp3 from the Charity Christian Fellowship website on Facebook (thanks again, Josh!). Apparently Denny delivered a speech at CCF nine days ago (Sunday, April 22nd). The file is really long, but Denny only preached a part of it. The rest of the file consisted of singing by his children, an introduction by Aaron Hurst, an anointing of oil, and various testimonies regarding Denny afterwards. I’ll make a few brief remarks as I don’t intend to write an exhaustive review.

I think most people realized that this may turn out to be the last speech Denny Kenaston will ever make. He sounded extremely frail and utterly out of energy. He whispered a great deal of his words, so there was a striking contrast between the bombast he exhibited as a preacher prior to his health failing like this. His speech wasn’t so much a sermon as it was a confession. Denny wanted to slay the giant of pride and confess errors he has made in his lifetime during his ministry, and he wanted to be specific in what he said.

I don’t think anyone will be greatly surprised to learn that he didn’t exactly take the opportunity to renounce the legalism and cultist mindset he had spread for so many years. Yes, he admitted that their success with the Goldy Home Tape Series had given him some attitude of pride, and that his attitude towards young people was not appropriate either. He mentioned some other things as well, but those were the most prominent ones that stand out in my memory. Charityites revered Denny as a great authority figure on the family series, and I have to wonder if there weren’t a few people who were taken aback by such an admission. I doubt it what with the atmosphere of the speech being so dismal since the audience was basically listening to the last words of a dying man whom they loved very much.

Denny’s remarks about the young people made my ears perk up a little bit as I’d like to think he was about to make some recantation of the anti-youth attitude he has so emphatically declared for so long.  That didn’t happen, of course. To say he didn’t treat them right is a major understatement. He belittled them, he insulted them, he instilled cultic fear in their minds so that they’d never trust anyone but their parents and their church elders, and so on. One might argue that he was too weak to make the effort to touch on all those topics and hence may not have mentioned them simply to conserve his strength. However, Denny said he wanted to be specific, and he didn’t touch even one of those issues. Denny needs to make a much fuller apology to young people if he wants to slay the giant of pride.

Denny must have preached for less than an hour, and he finally at one point said he had to stop because he just couldn’t keep going. Words from the audience were spoken after he was done, 99% of which consisted of people telling Denny they forgave him for what he had just confessed. Many people were broken down and crying as they spoke, but some of them said they didn’t think Denny needed to apologize because he didn’t do anything wrong. That also stood out to me because I think those people were a bit more honest about their attitude towards Denny. The vast majority of those who spoke would take offense if anyone would dare to criticize Denny’s morals. Plenty of people on this blog have repeatedly stated that he’s a man of God, and how dare you criticize him, etc. Well, why were so many people forgiving Denny if he shouldn’t be criticized? Perhaps it was, again, due to the knowledge that Denny is dying and people simply gave the man what he asked for: forgiveness. It’s hard to deny a dying man his last wishes, so the knee-jerk reaction is to give him what he wants. However, some more level-headed people phrased it a bit more appropriately, I think. They knew they wanted to say something comforting to Denny and Jackie, but they didn’t offer words of forgiveness because they, like the others who did offer forgiveness, don’t feel like he did anything wrong in the first place.

So in short, Denny had an opportunity to make a good-faith apology for the many false teachings he has promulgated for so many years and basically didn’t take it. I’m sorry he hasn’t, and I prayed that he would, and he may yet make a sufficient recantation on his death-bed for all anyone knows. Even Harold Camping repented for his failed prophecies, and God is just as sovereign in granting such a repentant spirit to Denny Kenaston. This last sermon, however, didn’t reveal such to have taken place as of April 22nd, 2012.


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15 Responses to Denny’s Last(?) Sermon: Some Brief Thoughts

  1. Brandi says:

    We all are only human and fall short of the Glory of God. We forgive for ourselves so we to shall be forgive. Even if the offender doesn’t ask for forgiveness. We forgive.

    • princeasbel says:

      I think you meant to say we are supposed to forgive even if the offender doesn’t repent and ask forgiveness. That is not true. The Bible does not command us to forgive anyone for anything even if they haven’t repented for the sin they committed. God doesn’t forgive people absent repentance, and he certainly wouldn’t demand that we be more forgiving than he is.

      • Fern says:

        Your statement does not make much sense as stated. . Can you please re-state what you wanted to say in a more cogent manner…

  2. Stewie says:

    Is there anything after the anointing (about an hour in)….I got bored.

  3. amievenmenno? says:

    If you think that princeasbel is wrong in what he does, you obviously have not listened to Denny’s last message! Powerful stuff!

  4. amievenmenno? says:

    What was that bit about Mothers’ watching their daughters’ purity being lost? That bit sounded like there was even more to the story than is generally known.

      • amievenmenno? says:

        Here is what he said:
        “mothers, how many tears you have cried, you have buried your sons, I am so sorry, I have come crawling to be forgiven….you ladies have born many pains, you have wept as you heard the purity of your daughters slipping away AND I AM PARTIALLY RESPONSIBLE!”

        • princeasbel says:

          All that sounds like to me is him saying he wasn’t strict enough or didn’t do a legalistic enough job in his restrictions he imposed on his audiences as a speaker and author.

      • amievenmenno? says:

        Could you work your moderation on the post I sent May 27?

    • dominic says:

      Keeping in mind he was stage 4 brain cancer at the time, so, there was a little ramblig incoherency. That said, I think he was alluding to his regrets over watching girls “experiment” with dress/covering style, amidst all the tusseling for pre-eminence of ideals within leadership. I could be wrong. “Purity” has a pretty narrow meaning in these circles. I don’t think he was mournfully recalling all the wet T shirt contests and booty shake tournaments that he sponsored (cuz there weren’t any…if you missed the sarcasm there).

  5. Hans Gygax says:

    I believe all you were really hearing in Denny’s last message, was that he was a man who knew God so deeply and was so much more humble than what you have experienced, that he was convicted about things he did wrong on a much deeper level than you can imagine.

    One day, God willing, you will know the same thing, when God abases you for your tremendous attitude of pride and bitterness. The closer you become to God, the more you see your own wickedness; something that sadly, you would know nothing about.

    • Joel thogmartin says:

      Well said he had godly standards and the closer you get to God the more ashamed you become of pride even if it is pride about great things that’s he’s accomplished most Joel olsteen Christians would completely ignore the things after God’s heart and ride the waves on whatever I can’t explain it quite.

  6. Duncan Pate says:

    I’m ashamed to hear the insults of the writer of this blog but may God have mercy on you sir and lead you to repentance……… The tone in which you write is so clear that you cannot see at all because even if you were remotely correct on anything you say you will still be utterly evil in the sight of our Lord for saying these things…….God will have mercy on you if you do have faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. There is hope for you my friend if you will seek God for repentance. I know He will forgive you…… Its not this Denny brother I;m concerned for its your soul…. Oh Lord let this divider see through a dream He is Blind……Lord willing you will have a dream and see your evil …..I pray right now for you! Bro Duncan Cape Town

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